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iamGEEK is a weekly podcast about the things that we geek out about–Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, comic books, tv shows, movies, and anything else that sounds interesting. We often feature guests from the movie and entertainment industry working in Animation, CGI and Production.

May 6, 2022

Strange News and the Multitude of What the?

#235 With the release of the new Dr. Strange movie this weekend, they guys talk about some strange stories that have shown up in the news recently.  Hear about the family selling their home in Illinois who had their son pose as Michael Myers (from Halloween) in various pictures showing off the rooms in the house.  And then there's the woman who fell into an outhouse trying to catch her cellphone.  Ryan joined from Walt Disney World via Skype for few minutes and gave his thoughts on the Moon Knight finale.   

Stick around to the end and hear about the new Wierd Al Yankovic movie, Wierd, and their thoughts on the latest Obi-Wan trailer.   

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