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#159 Now that you have a lightsaber, what do you do with it? Saber Force Academy joins us to discuss the art and sport of Lightsaber Combat and how anyone can pick up a lightsaber and participate.

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#158 Chancellor Omega from Crimson Dawn Lightsabers joins us share with us the history of Crimson Dawn Lightsabers, a look at their product line, and maybe even drop some breaking news on what new products will be coming to very soon!


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July 24, 2020

Comic-Con 2020

#157 Comic-Con 2020 has arrived and it looks a lot different this year! We dive into all the changes and what we think of having Comic-Con in our own homes! We also are challenged to a game of Hero, Villain, or Fake where we determine if an obscure character is real or not.


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#156  The summer of games continues as we play Wait That's Real?: Amazon Prime Edition! Ryan gives a title of a movie found on Amazon Prime and Chris and Catron have to guess what the movie is actually about! Also, in the news Walt Disney World opens all parks and immediately closes 3 attractions forever and postpones some that are being built. So sit back, relax, and play along!

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#155 Ryan is put in the hot seat to take on Google in a Star Wars knowledge test for the ages! Also, Walt Disney World has opened back up and Hamilton is now playing on Disney+!!!


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#154 Listen as we do what is probably the first lightsaber unboxing on a podcast!  We received some sabers from Crimson Dawn, so find out what we thought of them!  You can also watch on Youtube to see what they actually look like in action.  We also talked about the history of lightsabers and we gave our “whatcha streaming” picks of the week!

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#153 Michael Keaton may be coming back as BATMAN so we decided it's time for Chris to take on GEEK vs. Google to test his BATMAN knowledge! Also, we share our favorite BATMAN memories, who are favorite Batman villains are, and so much more BATMAN fun!!!!

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#152 We are joined by Gearbox Animators Monica Aston and Kyle King to discuss what goes into making a video game and yes it involves getting your teeth knocked out! Also, we play pick three: video game edition!

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#151 Let's have some fun and play our new game, Wait That's Real?!:Netflix Edition. Also, Theme Parks are opening, Sony unveils the PS5, The Joker is coming back, and Stargirl is fun!

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#150 How Bowers from Liquid Luau and WDWRetro joins us to make Walt Disney World Tiki drinks as we celebrate the one year anniversary of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. We learn how to make the Cliff Dweller so we can all enjoy it at home when we are not on Batuu!

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