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iamGEEK is a weekly podcast about the things that we geek out about–Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, comic books, tv shows, movies, and anything else that sounds interesting. We often feature guests from the movie and entertainment industry working in Animation, CGI and Production.


#242 We're joined by our friend, Animator Ray Chase, to give our review of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+! Find out if the show lived up to our expectations and what we think they could do with another season. Could they bring back Darth Maul? How in the world does Obi-Wan age so much in 10 years??

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We'll be at Comicpalooza in Houston July 16 and 17, so make sure you're there, too!

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#241 Ryan gives his review of Terror Isle Adventures Escape Rooms and we interview the owner, Craig Watts, to talk about what they do.  Craig gives a sneak peak of some new technology they are trying to incorporate into their next room that will blow your mind! Terror Isle isn't your typical escape's what you get when you combine a haunted house with an escape room and you feel immersed into the story.

If you're in the Houston/Galveston area, you really need to check these guys out.


We will be at Comicpalooza July 16 and 17 in Houston, TX.  Check out for more details!

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#240 Imagine you have a list of Walt Disney World rides and attractions, and you can only pick three--the others have to go.  Listen as we give our picks and also pick 3 that can be removed from the list.  Would you pick the same?  Did they really leave off Rise of the Resistance?  Also hear about the $110,000 Ultimate Disney Theme Park Experience that we probably won't do.  

We're coming back to Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, on July 16 and 17!  Be sure to get your tickets so you can meet us there!


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#239 A new show premiered on Disney Plus this week and we also celebrated Ghostbuster's day!  Listen as we gave our thoughts on the first episode of Ms. Marvel and a possible spoiler found in the credits!  In celebration of Ghostbuster's day, we discussed the new sequel (codename Firehouse), a new VR game, an animated series and animated movie that are in the works.  

And stick around to find out if Catron makes it through a scary choose your own adventure story we found on Buzzfeed! 

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#238 The geeks are back to talk about the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers movie on Disney+!  Did you catch all the cameos and callbacks to the 90s show?  A couple of trailers were released today for Willow and Andor, and they give their thoughts on these new shows also coming to Disney+!

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#237 The geeks give their review of the limited series on Disney+, Moon Knight.  Ryan, Catron and Chris were joined by Ryan's wife, Jennifer, to talk about dissociative identity disorder (DID) as it relates to this Marvel character.  What causes this type of disorder? How does it manifest?  Which character do you think was the main version or alter?  They'll also break down what happened in the show and give their opinion about where this series is ranked among the other Disney+ Marvel shows. 

This is an episode you definitely don't want to miss! 

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#236 The guys are back to talk about Ryan's recent trip to Walt Disney World during the week of May the 4th. Ryan may or may not have gotten some new lightsabers while he was there, and he definitely spent some time in Galaxy's Edge.  Hear their thoughts on the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at EPCOT and why all these new rides are a good thing even if we don't ride them.  Unfortunately, Ryan caught COVID during his journey, but in his recovery he went to a place that does IV therapy...did it work?  You'll have to listen to find out!  


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#235 With the release of the new Dr. Strange movie this weekend, they guys talk about some strange stories that have shown up in the news recently.  Hear about the family selling their home in Illinois who had their son pose as Michael Myers (from Halloween) in various pictures showing off the rooms in the house.  And then there's the woman who fell into an outhouse trying to catch her cellphone.  Ryan joined from Walt Disney World via Skype for few minutes and gave his thoughts on the Moon Knight finale.   

Stick around to the end and hear about the new Wierd Al Yankovic movie, Wierd, and their thoughts on the latest Obi-Wan trailer.   

If you'd like to see us record these shows live, jump over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel!  Search for iamgeekshow and hit that subscribe button.  


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#234 We breakdown the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailer and discuss and reveal the secrets and what's going on in the first 3 episodes of Moon Knight. We also talk Easter pies in Texas.

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Welcome to iamSTARWARS where we talk all things Star Wars! Tonight we play a new game called Keep My Star Wars Name Out Of Your Nerf Herding Mouth! We also discuss the release of Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga and who Mark Hamill may be playing in the MCU.

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