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#222 The guys talk about one of their favorite shows, BattleBots!  What is BattleBots and what makes it so cool?  Check out this episode to find out why they geek out about it.  Is Tombstone really the best bot or is he washed up?  Maybe all the new blood has figured out how to beat the veterans.  And enjoy a Faruq-inspired intro for one of our hosts! 

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#221 The guys discuss the most recent movie from Marvel: Spider-Man No Way Home.  A little bit of Spider-Man past, present and future to figure out how this movie affects the MCU.  Find out what they thought about the movie and which member of iamGEEK didn't think this was the best Spider-Man movie (what?!). This episode is full of spoilers, so you might want to listen to this later if you haven't seen this movie, yet!  


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December 31, 2021


#220 Join us as we countdown our top five geeky things of 2021!!!!


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December 17, 2021

Disney Cruise Trip Report 2021

#219 Chris is back from his Disney Cruise and he shares with us what's it like to go on a cruise in 2021! Plus we give our review of Encanto!

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#218 Join us as we countdown the top 5 conspiracy theories of what's really going on in the latest Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer! Plus we give or thoughts on Encanto and the Hawkeye series first episodes.

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December 1, 2021

Ghosbusters Afterlife

#217 The long awaited sequel to the Original Ghostbusters has arrived and we break it down in this movie spoiler edition of iamGEEK!

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#216 The guys talk about Disney Plus day and all the shows and movies coming soon to the service.  They break down the latest Spiderman trailer and give their theories on what is going to happen.  Catron gives a spoiler free review of Ghostbusters on opening night.   All this and Chris is turning 40!  He unboxes a gift on the show, which makes for great podcast material.

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#215 Ryan returns from Walt Disney World with some interesting stories from Cast members, Imagineers, and haunted Disney restrooms!

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#214 SKELEHOST joins us for a spoopy game of Wait Is That Real where we guess the plot of bad horror movies. All the movies on tonight's episode can be watched on the Peacock app.

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October 22, 2021

The Return of SKELEHOST 2021

#213 HallowGEEK has returned for 2021 and has summoned everyone's favorite host SKELEHOST!!! Join us for this Full Moon edition of HallowGEEK as SKELEHOST takes us on a spooky comedic transformation of Werewolf Trivia.

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